Belgom has been around for a while. With it's home market in France it has become slowly known across the border too. In the Netherlands Belgom is a leading brand already and other countries are now picking up. Here is the line of motorcycle products. Need to know more? Just give us a call.

Belgom Chrome polish: renews old and dull chrome, removes rust and gives a long lasting shine to your chrome parts. Leaves a protective film to make sure your chrome lasts longer. Does not damage your chrome. 
Belgom Alu polish: removes oxydized alu residu and gives your aluminum products a long lasting shine. Does not corrode and protects your aluminum with a film to prevent oxydizing for a long time.
Belgom Rim cleaner for motorcycles: removes grease and brakepad dust easily without damaging your rims. Works on both steel and aluminum rims.
Belgom Shampoo: to wash your bike or car this is by far the best product you can get. It is soft on your vehicle, cleans very well and leaves a protective film for a long lasting shine.
Belgom Fairing cleaner: a silk soft cleaner for all kinds of plastic, fairing and lacquer. Leaves nothing but a smooth shine and protects from attracting new dirt. Cleanes the bugs of your bike easily.